St. Marks NWR rocks!

I always see a bunch of cool birds whenever I go to this special place. Last weekend was no exception! Nothing rare just great looks at lots of common species. This Red-shouldered Hawk posed nicely, allowing me to shoot an iPhonescoped video.

Water Turkey!

Anhinga’s are super cool don’t you think? They’re often called Water Turkeys by non-birders, named so because their tail is superficially similar to that of a Wild Turkey. We enjoyed watching this individual sunning and preening alongside Central Lake in Southwood this afternoon.


It actually snowed in Tallahassee for the first time in 28 years! People lost their shit over it LOL. Maisie danced in the yard! It only lasted for about 30 minutes but for many of our city’s residents it was an amazing event! The cold front that brought this brief flurry also brought snow of … More Snow!