Snowy Forecast?

Recent weather has been a bit on the chilly side. Snow has fallen in the neighboring states of Alabama and Georgia, which doesn’t happen very often. Will it snow in the sunshine state this winter? Probably not BUT, snow of a different kind may well show up. There have been 2 records of Snowy Owl in Florida! Yes, for real! The last record was not that long ago (2013). It showed up on Talbot Island in Nassau County, which lies on the NE coast of the state. Hundreds twitched it, but not the Wraithmells! We were in New York, enjoying Snowy Owls in Brooklyn. We got great looks at two at the Floyd Bennett airfield. At that time, hundreds of Snowy Owls had irrupted into the lower 48 and it looks like it could be happening again this winter. So far, Snowies have been recorded as far south as Missouri and North Carolina, so we have our fingers crossed that one or more will make it to Florida. If one does, the Wraithmells shall endeavor to twitch it! Stay tuned.

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