The warblers are coming!

The best time of year for finding wood-warblers in Tallahassee is here. You can find them in lots of our parks and green spaces, even in your own backyard. One of the best places to find them in numbers and variety is Elinor-Klapp Phipps Park on the NE side of Lake Jackson. More than 25 species of wood-warbler occur here during fall migration. Access the trails from Gate A (Equestrian entrance) and head south and then south-east (P33 & P24 on the trail map). Cerulean and Canada Warblers have been found in this area on a near annual basis. It’s worth hiking all the trails if you have time. Lots of other songbird migrants can be found. Thrushes, tanagers, grosbeaks, cuckoos, flycatchers….so keep your eyes peeled! Visit eBird to see what birds have been found at Phipps.


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