Egg thief!

One morning, while hanging out outside our room at Arenal Observatory Lodge, our attention was drawn to a kerfuffle in a nearby tree. A pair of Social Flycatchers, a Blue-gray Tanager, several Passerini’s Tanagers and a Clay-colored Thrush were clearly upset by something. After watching for a minute we saw a Collared Aracari hop out of the dense foliage. It was carrying an egg in its beak! A few minutes later another aracari appeared, also carrying an egg. At breakfast I searched the internet to try and identify what species the stolen eggs had belonged to; a Clay-colored Thrush. While watching all of this unfold we found two additional nests in the tree; Social Flycatcher and Common Tody-Flycatcher nests. We wondered if the aracaris would come back.


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