Beautiful but deadly!

I like snakes, I like them a lot. Almost as much as I like birds! Yup, for real! So, imagine my excitement when I laid eyes on this beautiful snake during our recent trip to Costa Rica. A very nice Belgian photographer pointed it out to me. It’s an Eyelash Palm-pitviper and it’s fairly common in Central America. They’re arboreal, meaning they spend their lives up in the trees searching for prey such as small mammals, birds, frogs and even bats! The venom of this snake affects its prey’s heart and central nervous system. They are not aggressive to humans but will strike if threatened. Like most pit vipers, this small snake, which grows no more than 3 foot in length, will sit in an ambush position for several days. This particular individual spent 3 days on the side of a pine tree about 30 feet off the ground. On the morning we left Arenal Observatory Lodge the snake was gone. Perhaps its belly had been filled! Or, maybe the Laughing Falcon we spotted had filled its bellly?

pit viper


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